Tuesday 3 September at 8.00 pm

MID-AUGUST LUNCH (Pranzo Di Ferragosto) (U)
Director: Gianni di Gregorio. Italy 2008. 75 minutes. In Italian with English subtitles.
A delicious tale of good food, feisty ladies and unlikely friendships during a very Roman holiday.
Broke, and armed only with a glass of wine and a wry sense of humour, middle-aged Gianni lives with his 93-year-old mother in their ancient appartment. Gianni owes a lot of rent, but if he looks after the concierge's mother during the Pranzo di Ferragosto (Italy's biggest summer holiday and the Feast of the Assumption), all will be forgiven. Then the manager turns up with an auntie and then a doctor friend appears with his mother-in-law........
Winner of numerous prizes at International festivals, including the Golden Snail at the Academy of Food and Film in Bologna.

Monday 30 September 2019 at 7.45 pm





Denmark 2018.  85 minutes.  In Danish with English subtitles.

Directed by Gustav Moller.  Starring Jakob Cedergren and Jessica Dinnage.


A taut Danish drama which takes one man, a dark room and a phone to create a cop thriller as gripping as any blockbuster.  Asger, a police-officer temporarily assigned to desk duties, takes an emergency call from a kidnapped woman.  When the police are slow to respond, Asger takes matters into his own hands.



Monday 28 October 2019 at 7.45 pm


WAJIB (15)



Palestine/France/Colombia/Germany/UAE/Qatar/Norway 2017.  96 minutes.  In Arabic with English subtitles.


Directed by Annemarie Jacir.  Starring Mohammad and Saleh Bacri.


An enjoyable Palestinian road movie set in Nazareth which interleaves simmering tension in the Israeli town with moments of terrific comedy.  A traditional father is reunited with his fiery, ex-pat son when the two are obliged to spend time together delivering family wedding invitations according to age-old tradition – the ‘wajib’ of the title, which loosely translates as ‘social duty’. With its rich sense of place and multidimensional characters, WAJIB is too seductive to resist.




Monday 25 November 2019 at 7.45 pm





France 2009.  100 minutes.  In French with English subtitles.

Directed by Mona Achache.  Starring Josiane Balasko and Garance Le Guillermic.


This French coming-of-age drama revolves around the lives of two residents of a Paris apartment block: precocious Paloma, an 11 year old bent on finding a way out of her cold bourgeois life, and unsociable concierge Renée.  Freely adapted from the international best-seller THE ELEGANCE OF THE HEDGEHOG, and starring Josiane Balasco, one of the most accomplished screen comediennes in France, THE HEDGEHOG is a sophisticated and touching comedy.